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Sneak Peeks

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Cobham DTC Radio Cobham DTC Radio Endur ID Endur ID Voxtec SQU.ID SQ.140 Voxtec SQU.ID SQ.140
3M Cogent MiY 3M Cogent MiY DeLorme's inReach DeLorme's inReach GE MUNI System GE Municipal Reverse Osmosis/Nanofiltration (MUNI) System
Viking 3DHD Laparoscopic Camera Viking 3DHD Laparoscopic Camera Promoting "Designed in America" Promoting "Designed in America" Datron Guardian II P25 First Responder Radio Datron's Family of Guardian II P25 First Responder Radios
Augmentative/Alternative Communication (AAC) Device Augmentative/Alternative Communication (AAC) Device Foam Models Modelling Sucess - Foam Models Throughout Concept Ideation Prototype The Go Anywhere VGo Videoconferencing Robot
LG Phones of the Future Conceptualizing Phones of the Future for LG Defining Voxtec Brand Defining the Voxtec
Environmental Testing Preliminary Environmental Testing
Kodak Digital Camera Kodak Point & Shoot Digital Camera Microfridge Cool New Microfridge Looks Synergy Pocket Micro-Pump Display Synergy Pocket Micro-Pump Tradeshow Display
Wheelbarrow Wheeling Out Innovation for the Next Generation Wheelbarrow Enclosure Enclosure Re-Envisioning Green Sled Green Sled Design Challenge
Design in Engineering Preserving Design Intent in Engineering Sketches and Foam Pre-CAD Modeling - Concepts in Sketches and Foam Blue-Sky Concepts Blue-Sky Concepting